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Howdy there! This is my collection of notes that I have collected over the years as a Sys Admin. I am sharing them here hoping that they will be useful to you. These are concise notes to refresh your mind on how to do certain things, maybe you know what need to be done on one platform but don't know the commands on another. Or maybe just pointers for you to read up the relevan man pages or know what to google for :) They are work in progress, I know I need to polish up my notes so that other can make sense of them. As time permits... which never really happens :-/

Thanks for those who have send kind and encouraging words to me, it is nice to know that these notes are actually useful for someone other than myself!

And special thanks to those who send me notes about mistakes, some pretty bad ones that could have caused someone to loose his/her job! So, be warned, check the man pages etc when doing something that could have negative impact (unexporting file system, shrinking volume, etc)!

Okay, after a while of not having a home, I am hosting PSG on dropbox now. If you are bookmarking this, please use Note that I am remaking the "main page" of PSG as part of my Internet Development classes. Some of the original contents are not yet linked here, please refer to the old page for them. Some of my notes are not easily displayable in html, please see robot.txt, unix script rosetta, (more tba).

Plugs Galore

I need a what to power my new server? Here is brief help. For a more extensive guide, please see the plug page

Common plugs for sys admins
  Receptacle (wall outlet) Plug (on cable)
All the NEMA twist lock presented have essentially the same shape. Their main difference is the diameter of circle, with L5-20 having the smallest diameter, L6-20 being in the middle, and L6-30 is the largest.
In IEC scheme, odd numbers are receptors, even are plugs (the ones with the pin out).
In a politically incorrect mnemonics, females are odd, males are even.
NEMA L6-30 (220V-30A) pic pic
NEMA L6-20 (220V-20A) pic pic
NEMA L5-20 (110V-20A) pic pic
IEC C19/C20 (220V) pic pic
IEC C13/C14 (110V/220V) pic pic pic pic

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I have been "hacking" computers for 10+ years now. I started liking to fiddle with OS since college days in FIU, and it is still a hobby when I am not hiking or biking or studying for biotech :-)

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